1989 - Brokerage Services

Benefits Interface was formed in 1989 as a dynamic solution to the market need for independent group benefit plan design, communication, administration and cost control. The company name was registered as a Canadian trademark in 1996. The organization became a Federal Corporation on January 1, 2000.

1990 - Attendance Management

Developed attendance management policies, procedure, forms and software for use by clients without charge. Assistance was provided to tailor the program to specific organizational needs.

1991 - Benefit Optimization / Cost Containment

After a decade of annual health benefit costs rising at twice the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate, employers were ready to deal with the cost drivers. Drug and dental claims were brought under control using reassessing what level of coverage was appropriate and affordable. Supplier margins were trimmed by looking outside the insurance industry to Application Service Providers (ASP).

Drug plans included an annual maximum, dispensing fee limit, full coverage for drugs on a managed formulary, and 50% reimbursement for drugs that require a prescription but not listed on the formulary.

Dental plans included full coverage for diagnostic and preventive services, 75% reimbursement of restorative services, 12-month recall frequency for adults (6-months for children) and limits on the frequency of replacement procedures.

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1993 - Health Spending Accounts

Popularized health spending accounts as an alternative to medical and dental insurance.

Insurance companies discouraged the movement toward defined contribution health plans by requiring employers to provide basic medical and dental insurance, imposing policy fees and retaining the plan surplus. In response, Benefits Interface developed the necessary software and began administering health spending accounts for clients.

For more information explore www.HealthSpending.com

1994 - Strategy Alignment / Human Resource Objectives

Focused clients’ attention on the role that benefits played in achieving organizational objectives in order to develop comprehensive solutions.

For more information explore The Strategy Alignment Process™

1995 - Internet Knowledge Base

Established the www.benefits.org website as a knowledge base to give Canadian employers free access to information previously controlled by consultants.

1998 - Benefit Tips® / Benefit Education

A systematic program of benefit education and wellness promotion was developed for employers and their staff.

For more information explore Benefit Tips®

2001 - Demystifying Wellness

The mysterious shroud around corporate wellness programs can be removed and replaced with a do-it-yourself wellness program for organizations who want to help their staff improve health without blowing the budget on consulting fees.

2008 - Execu Flex® / Flexible Benefits

Varying the flexibility of compensation for key staff not only reduces taxes but enhances performance. The Execu Flex® Program assesses the opportunities to provide flexible benefits to executives.

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2013 - The Benefit Stepping Stones Program™

A step-by-step process to understand benefits and design a simple, affordable and flexible employee benefit program.

For more information explore www.BenefitSteppingStones.com