Links to Publicly Funded Canadian Provincial Health Benefits

BC - British Columbia:
Ministry of Health: voice: 604-387-5394
Medical Services Plan of British Columbia: voice: 604-387-3166
British Columbia Hospital Programs: voice: 604-387-3166

AB - Alberta:
Ministry of Health: voice: 403-429-5954
Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan: voice: 403-427-1432
Alberta Hospitalization Benefits Plan: voice: 403-427-1432

SK - Saskatchewan:
Ministry of Health: voice: 306-787-1895
Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Branch: voice: 306-787-3475
Saskatchewan Hospital Services Plan: voice: 306-787-3261

MB - Manitoba:
Ministry of Health: voice: 204-945-3771
Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan: voice: 204-786-7101

ON - Ontario:
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care: voice: 416-327-4300 or 1-800-268-1154
Ontario Health Insurance Plan: voice: 416-314-5518
Publicly Funded Trillium Drug Program:  voice: 416-326-1558, sick 1-800-575-5386
Publicly Funded Assistive Devices Program (ADP): voice: 416-327-8804, 800-268-6021

PQ - Quebec:
Ministry of Health: voice: 418-643-3160
Quebec Health Insurance Plan: voice: 418-643-3445
Quebec Hospital Insurance Plan: voice: 418-643-3445

NB - New Brunswick:
Ministry of Health: voice: 506-453-2581
Medicare New Brunswick: voice: 506-453-2161
New Brunswick Hospital Services Plan: voice: 506-453-2161

NS - Nova Scotia:
Ministry of Health and Wellness: voice: 902-424-3377
Nova Scotia Medical Services Insurance Plan: voice: 902-468-9700
Nova Scotia Hospital Insurance Plan: voice: 902-424-5674

PE - Prince Edward Island:
Department of Health:  voice: 902-368-4930 
Prince Edward Island Hospital and Health Services Plan: voice: 902-368-5858

NF - Newfoundland:
Department of Health: voice: 709-729-3124
Newfoundland Medical Care Plan: voice: 709-758-1500
Newfoundland Hospitalization Plan: voice: 709-729-3120

NT - Northwest Territories:
Ministry of Health: voice: 403-873-7113
Northwest Territories Health Care Plan: voice: 403-873-7152

YK - Yukon:
Ministry of Health: voice: 403-667-3969
Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan: voice: 403-667-5233
Yukon Hospital Insurance Services: voice: 403-667-5233

NU - Nunavut:
Ministry of Health: