Basic Services


Benefits Interface, Inc. is a federally incorporated benefit brokerage firm that assists employers use benefits to achieve human resource objectives affordably. With no allegiances or commitments to any supplier, we can objectively help you select suitable benefit suppliers. There is no charge for this service provided that we implement any plan design changes that result from our recommendations and receive the industry standard compensation from suppliers.


Where appropriate, Benefits Interface will administer certain aspects of the benefits program for clients.

Advanced Services

Benefit Optimization

Clients have access to The Benefit Optimization Program™ that we developed to minimize benefit cost both now and in the future. We help balance the quality of coverage, risk sharing and funding method, with costs and employee contentment. This value-added service is available at no charge to clients who appoint us as their benefit broker with their existing benefit suppliers.

Strategy Alignment

Clients have access to The Strategy Alignment Process™ that we developed to gain clarity in benefit strategies and the way in which they align with overall business goals. This service is available to a select group of clients who pay a one-time membership fee of $1,000.