Simple, Affordable & Customized Employee Benefit Plans

Most small business owners avoid employee benefit plans because group insurance package plans are so expensive and include coverage that is not wanted.

With a bit of guidance and advice you can design your employee benefit program to be simple, affordable and customized to the unique needs of your small business.

  • Decide what you want your employee benefit plan to accomplish for your company as well as employees.
  • Find benefit solutions that support your corporate culture in terms of risk sharing and employee choice or empowerment.
  • Design the health coverage (drug, vision, dental, medical) to manage claims costs, long-term disability insurance to cover both total and partial disability claims and a retirement plan to provide investment guidance.
  • Select best of class employee benefit suppliers and administrators that provide ideal service and lowest mark-up.
  • Communicate with employees before during and after launching of your new employee benefit plan.

Implementing a customized employee benefit plan based on staff communication, supplier negotiation and benefit introduction.

Simple Benefit Plan Design

Keep your employee benefits plan simple and easy to understand. Most benefit plans have dozens of limitations, exclusions and convoluted causes which makes them difficult for employees to understand and appreciate. Start by understanding precisely what you want to accomplish with your benefit plan and then find the least complex method of achieving your objective.

Affordable Employee Health Benefits

The long-term cost of your health benefit plan (drug, dental, vision, medical) is determined by employee claims plus the administrative markup on claims. You control the risk of claims with your benefit plan design. The benefit supplier you select should disclose the administrative costs in clear terms.

Customized Benefit Plan Structure

You can pick and choose what benefits to provide your staff. Avoid packaged plan that bundle irrelevant products with your health benefits. You can go as far as letting each employee design a personal flexible benefit plan based on their unique needs and values.


The Benefit Stepping Stones Program™ provides more information on implementing a simple, affordable and customized employee benefit plan.