Benefit Leadership

Some clients are benefit managers while others are benefit leaders.

Benefit management generates incremental changes that are designed to keep your budget under control. Benefit managers use supplier negotiations and cost shifting through employee contributions, coinsurance, limits and formularies to maintain the status quo.

Benefit leadership challenges the status quo by envisioning an ideal future, setting the direction and developing strategies to produce change. Benefit leaders use creativity, inspiration and motivation to overcome resistance to change.

Take a moment to imagine an ideal future in which your benefits program helps you achieve your business goals. You might come up with statements such as:

  • It would be great if our benefit costs were stable and lower than our competitors.
  • What our company really needs is to attract better employees while keeping our best employees.
  • If only our employees understood and appreciated their benefits.
  • What our employees really need is to feel secure, have more choice and feel empowered.
  • I wish benefits didn’t take up so much of my time.

If these statements resonate with you then The Strategy Alignment Process® can help you develop benefit strategies tailored to achieve your business goals.